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The approach towards the project was in developing key anchor components along the Riverfront. The plaza with amphitheatre for performance and private event facilities, cafe, shops, riverwalk, labyrinth, aquarium and tourist boat cruises, along with ample parking facilities, provide the cornerstones for a thriving public leisure, recreation and entertainment possibility. With a pro-development and beautification approach and focus on the future, the Riverfront development will represent a unique growth opportunity for Yanam.

The concept for the project is based on view-points/visual perspectives organized primarily at three levels.. At the first two levels are facilities like cafe’s, plaza, amphitheatre etc. and the third or lowest level there is the river walk or promenade running almost along the entire stretch of the river front. The land reclamation is between 15-50m maximum.

The development is further segregated into animated sector for almost half the length and a quiet sector on the other half with the tourist boat cruise facility being the dividing limit point between these two zones. The quiet zone has zen gardens, water bodies, walkways and fountains. The animated zone is enlivened with an aquarium, plaza, amphitheatre, labyrinth, cafe’, etc. There is a picnic area on the part closest to the sea.

To the left of the bridge is the water sports and under the bridge is ample parking. This way the noise components are all located at one end. The plaza and other special areas are characterized with dynamic paving patterns which demarcate it from the other areas around it. The plaza and amphitheatre with the services can also be rented out for performances and private events.This way funds can be generated for maintaining the river front too.

At some points along the riverfront, the river water is chanelled into the reclaimed area to relieve the landscaping and picturesque bridges are conceived to create a suggestive ambience. The boast cruises would give the possibility of enjoying the riverfront from the riverside also. There is an axial planning between the fraternity statue to the aquarium, zen garden, boules court and the plant beds with the fountains. The built mass on the riverfront would follow a modular design that would be repeated creating a harmony between the built structures. Three boat jetties for more than 200 boats have been planned on the northern most tip for the local fisherfolk.