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This small bookshop was redesigned to look bright and luminous as it occupied a very dark corner of the existing visitor’s centre.

All the bookshelves have a back-lit polycarbonate backing behind the shelves running along the entire length of the shop. At the far end, the shelves are backed up with mirror to give a feeling of depth in addition to reflecting the entrance area. At the corners there are light pillars made of polycarbonate illuminating the entire bookshop.

The furniture and all interior finishes provide a neutral background to the very colourful books. Shelves are made of metal painted white. Flooring of natural dark stone. Reception table of light coloured rubber wood which merges with the earth construction buildings and its arches and domes. Silver poofs provide seating for the customer.

The bookracks have inclined as well as horizontal display shelves for better viewing for books of all sizes. Storage is provided at the base of all racks to stock up the extra books.

The entrance door is a series of white sliding metal panels. The window display niche outside the shop is treated like a bookshelf with a random pattern of clear and opaque glass providing a glimpse of what is available in the shop.