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D U P L E X        A P A R T M E N T     I N T E R I O R S
The groundwork for this project was mainly powered by the predilection that homes with tranquil living spaces allow room for personal growth. An open plan blueprint marks the individuality of this home.

The design maintains a personal space that uses cost-effective, yet current international living concepts into a house-structure reflective of a minimalist, efficient & easy to maintain scheme.

This self-contained, 75sqm dominantly-mezzanine apartment with a Zen-like atmosphere pervading its rooms, whose entrance into the living area leads to the ‘room-without-walls’ idea, with a double-height volume over the spaces accommodating the open bedroom mezzanine.
The foyer is contained in the lower floor of the apartment; it houses a neatly-aligned kitchen, living and terrace dining space – all of which have a distinct but practical look. The cement-clad solid staircase connects the open bedroom on the mezzanine floor to the living space below.

A compact yet serviceable study area & a second terrace is also part of the mezzanine level. Inexpensive cement flooring in a uniform ochre shade provides a warm, welcoming feel as it carries over into all parts of the lower floor including the minimal kitchen concept with variations like a drop-down level and partially concealed design idea (the kitchen is hidden beneath a solid staircase).

Dual-purpose basic furniture is the key to achieving the uncluttered look. The drawing room divans  serve as comfortable guest beds. The other furniture include rough granite-top table on a silver painted tubular metal base frame, metal and canvas lounging/dining chairs on the balcony,   perforated metal wardrobe (ideal for airing clothes during the damp monsoon season); small, adequate bathroom given a  spacious look by the use of mirrors and tiny blue and white mosaic tiles, wooden bed podest that grants a view of the living area from the open mezzanine.

Typically a fusion of inspirational sources merging traditional architectural ideas with futuristic design sensibilities make the apartment an simple example of a rejuvenating residence.

Bare essential furniture and natural elements, reflective of a universal design theory, incorporated in a simple, rational and extremely functional manner, bringing in  a new world of informal apartment living.
An approach to home designing with a view to reining in the costs without compromising on the quality and finish of the building with creative use of simple finishes. Large fenestrations direct the observers eye all the way to the roof and has a simple and effective covering of insect-proof meshing in an ode to past, proven traditions of anti-pest entry means and so, has been stretched over a wooden grid-frame as a shield.

The lush cover of Auroville’s varying shades of natural green provide the perfect backdrop for this spartan but stylish apartment – a welcome contrast to the view of miles and miles of concrete jungle usually granted to typical city dwellers.