The Line of Force buildings in the plan of Auroville allows for a compact walkable & cyclable city with most of Auroville’s development to be low rise keeping the city 50% green with parks gardens and open spaces and at the same time meeting the 50,000 density requirement of the city.

Also these dynamically shaped buildings spiralling in & out of the plan emphasize the spiral of the galaxy plan even further .This spiral movement symbolizes the centripetal forces attracting research from over the world & centrifugal forces enabling the realization of Auroville’s purpose into the world around.

In the Industrial zone, five of these high rise structures are proposed between the Mahasaraswati Park on the west and Mahakali Park on the east.

Principle features of the Lines of Force

  • The Line of Force buildings in the Industrial Zone are of the centripetal nature i.e the buildings get higher towards the inside of the city and taper down towards the outside of the city.
  • All the 5 buildings are of varying lengths and heights.
  • 3 Radial roads pass from under 3 of the 5 Line of Force Buildings.

Green Spaces

A significant feature of the Lines of Force is that from the highest point a series of stepped terraces bring down the roof level to the ground softening their impact on the human scale unlike other ordinary skyscrapers.

The footprint of the building that takes away the green cover on the ground makes up for it by elevating the green to the roof level. In the hot & Humid climate of Auroville climatic comfort is facilitated in these high rise buildings by enabling ventilation to be achieved above the level of the trees.

The public spaces gained through these stepped terraces are a valuable extension of the public green areas of the town permitting a variety of interesting vistas & views from above the tree level in an otherwise flat landscape.Due to the radial alignment of these high rise structures the views from the higher levels of these buildings will be uninterrupted panoramas of the city and its surroundings.

Industrial zone Line of Force Densities

L.O.F 1 2 3 4 5
Proposed area 11000 10600 12400 6400 115800
Proposed height G+3 G+4 G+5 G+6 G+7



Components of Industrial Zone Line of Force

  • Low Rise Manufacturing Activity
  • High rise Economic Activity
  • Offices

Vehicular Access

3 major Radial roads of the Industrial zone will pass from under 3 of the 5 Line of Force buildings thus bringing services & conveniences right under the building. Theses radials are further connected to the Outer ring road.