M A R O M A    S T O R E R O O M    A T    D O U C E U R

The concept of a storeroom was re-defined in this project. The client Maroma had no further room for expansion on their factory premises and was compelled to build a very large storeroom requirement on their house plot.

This delicate location of being right at the entrance/driveway of the house and the only brief to have basic light and ventilation in these spaces, was the driving force behind the concept of the design of this redefined storeroom.

The over 500sqm building was designed to follow the curve of the site and alongside the compound wall. Each of the rooms were organized on a different level horizontally into five sections to break the massing of a large stores building. Also vertically, the rooms are staggered to minimize the impact of the building on site. The parking for the clients and their guests was incorporated into the centre of the block creating the necessary void in the otherwise solid volume. The façade on the exterior finishing has grooves dividing the walls into smaller panels further reducing the scale of the building.

The front straight flight of stairs is designed in a sweeping curvature to direct the users into the building right away without getting them too close to the main house maintaining the privacy for the house at all times. The rear staircase accesses a smaller portion of the storeroom and encloses a garden around it.

The landscaping around the building  is worked out to  great detail on all sides to further give it the context and appropriate scale so as to not make it look out of place on the site and to make it seem part of the overall scheme.
The building at the far end merges into two large free standing walls that create the gateway into the main house area and garden.