This building houses a multipurpose hall and services for 60 workers (kitchen, laundry, lockers, bathrooms etc.) of the existing factory. The services are contained within closed rooms and the hall is left completely open on two sides for maximum cross ventilation and feeling of space at congregations. The hall is also marked by a curvilinear wall on one side and the linear block of services on the other. The roof is lifted from the building to provide a natural draft of air circulation in the room.

A small base-relief design on the ceiling animates the space otherwise left bare. Leftover blue metal aggregate of the site with locally found boulders in conjunction with local species of the plants dot the green area around the building. Textured exterior wall paint in shades of orange add to the tropical context.

Local natural smooth stones in shades of grey, yellow ochre and green are used in a pattern for the flooring of the main hall. Rough stone is used in bathrooms and the other service areas.

A natural root zone waste water recycling system treats the grey water from the toilets and the water is re-used for irrigation needs of the whole site.