This building is dedicated to research, student exchange programs and exhibition possibilities. The programmes share the common goal of developing students’ civic consciousness and raising it to a global level, and therefore promoting the ideals of human unity and understanding. In this way, mutual understanding of both the elements of a common humanity, as well as social, cultural, political and economic differences, is enhanced.

In the Unity Pavilion, there is an ongoing research into topics such as Human Unity, World Peace, East West Relations, Sustainable Development and Human Potential. In these areas of study, the Unity Pavilion invites participation by known experts, individuals and groups who can interact with Auroville through lectures, seminars and artistic creations. It would participate in the research towards finding “the soul of each nation” and its “dharma” – its true work, as a part of the development of humanity and the evolution of life on earth.

The Exhibition Hall will present themes such as national and cultural diversity in a clear and dynamic manner. Exhibitions highlight the positive achievements of national and international initiatives for understanding, as well as giving room to explore the common roots of man on the communal, national and global level.