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In residential zone the crown would comprise of community level retail stores,display areas, communication and recreation areas- indoor & outdoor, restaurants, libraries, health centres, utilities, sub offices of city management viz:fire, water,sanitation,post offices, professional offices upto 40sqm, guest houses and basement parking. The minimum development plan would be for 0.1ha with 60% ground coverage

In the international zone would have conference and exhibition halls,communication centres, visitor information and ancillary uses, staff quarters,hostels,restaurants, kiosks, convenience stores, banking and financial services etc, with a ground coverage of 35%.

In the industrial zone there would be hostels guest houses, post & communication, retails stores, banking, restaurant, library, health centres, and city management offices.The ground coverage being 60% .

In the cultural zone the crown would have guesthouses, department stores, libraries, professional offices, galleries,cafeterias, working ateliers, exhibitions rooms etc. Ground coverage 60%.